We understand! Xavi tells Messi to go to Miami to relieve Barcelona

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Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez understands and respects Lionel Messi’s desire to reduce the pressure he receives. to live more peacefully with family Therefore choosing to move to Inter Miami

over the past several weeks, Barcelona has tried to approach the signing of Messi back to the team. But in the end, the 35-year-old Argentine footballer ended up with Major League Miami,

club president Joan Laporta clarified through an official statement. It’s respectful and understandable that Messi wants to move to a league that is less demanding and away from the spotlight and pressure

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On Thursday, Xavi spoke to journalist Gerard Romero, denying rumors of signing Neymar and revealing the story behind the deal.

“Messi and we have many conversations. and they were excited But in the end it didn’t happen ′

′ You have to understand that being Lionel Messi is not easy. because everyone pays attention to you Until making life without peace ′′ ′

′ Leo explained to me that for the past 2 years he was not happy. and I can understand that He doesn’t need that much pressure anymore ′′

If Leo comes back here, it won’t be like that. which he explains the situation very well He needed more quiet. To live with family ′′ ′

′ I’m sure that Barca will do well if he’s in the team. But we must respect the decision of Messi, the best player in history.

Of course it was not an easy decision for Messi and I wish him all the best.”