Brentford must relent and lower Toney’s transfer fee.

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Brentford appear to be having a hard time willing to reduce the value of Evan Toney, a talented striker. So that the team move can happen during this summer’s transfer sports market.

The Daily Mirror reports that Toney is ready to upgrade himself to a big club next season. While Brentford must consider offers that come in the summer transfer window. This is due to the 27-year-old striker’s current contract entering the final year.

Arsenal and Chelsea are two London clubs ready to compete for Toney. But Brentford’s valuation at £100 million makes it impossible for the transfer to actually happen. UFABET

Sources say Brentford will have to accept a price cut of around £60m. Which is considered a more realistic valuation. And it’s a number that Arsenal and Chelsea should be able to compete with. Even in practice Blue Lion Facing obstacles regarding the Premier League’s PSR financial rules.

Arsenal appear to be the team with the most chance. Although Kai Havertz is currently doing well as a false nine striker under Mikel Arteta and the Spanish coach. It confirms the need for the number 9 striker position.

Currently, Ivan Toney, who scored 20 goals in the Premier League last season. He is being targeted by two giants from London, Chelsea and Arsenal and there is a high chance. That he will move away from the GTech Community Stadium this summer.