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Strengthen your immune system vitamins mineraln antioxidants.

Strengthen your immune system with vitamins minerals, and antioxidants. Vitamin C and other minerals that is an antioxidant. It is important for the functioning of the immune system. It also helps slow down the deterioration of the body. During this kind of situation In addition

What are the symptoms of septicemia?

What are the symptoms of septicemia? Seborrheic dermatitis symptoms depend on the area in which the patient has symptoms. In general, the following symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis are often found: How is septicemia different from other skin diseases?  Many people are confused between psoriasis  and septicemia. In

Healthy snacks the elderly

Healthy snacks the elderly During this time, most elderly people need to live at home. Even though I didn’t go anywhere. But it is a special time to spend most of the time with family and grandchildren all together. Makes the matter of food need

Check out 14 warning signs from “stress”

Check out 14 warning signs from “stress“ In today’s era, it is full of hustle, competition and uncertainty. Many people experience stress without realizing it. Stress affects both the body and mind. If left chronically, it can cause serious health consequences. To the point that

7 ways to treat back acne Recommended by a dermatologist

Taking care of back acne is not difficult. Just pay attention and keep observing yourself. That there is a behavior that triggers acne on the back, less acne should be treated quickly because it is much easier than letting the acne spread a lot. or infectious inflammation Because that can negatively

7 fruits that are delicious to getting fat Suitable for weight control

weight control Whether it’s difficult, it’s difficult. Whether it’s easy, it’s easy. Because the most effective way to control weight is dieting. Just choose to eat clean food that is useful, contains fiber, contains a lot of vitamins. And avoid eating foods such as starch, sodium and sugar, just like this

7 ways to exercise at home Get in shape Limited space is not a problem.

Want to have a firm, beautiful figure! There’s no need to go far. because we can Easy to exercise at home, and limited space is not a problem. Because nowadays there are many types of exercises that do not require a lot of space or equipment. Today, Vogue Beauty would like to please

5 herbs to help reduce “body odor”

Our home is a hot and humid city. which is also a factor That causes many people to have body odor because body odor is caused by the accumulation of bacteria from sweat, from germs, fungi on the skin and clothes, plus the hot weather and humidity in the