Healthy snacks the elderly

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Healthy snacks the elderly

During this time, most elderly people need to live at home. Even though I didn’t go anywhere. But it is a special time to spend most of the time with family and grandchildren all together. Makes the matter of food need to be paid special attention. Because staying at home may cause the body to move less. Has a low metabolism Therefore, you should avoid foods that are high in energy. Because it may cause fat to accumulate in the body. 

Introducing 4 snacks that seniors should have at home. I guarantee Healthy snacks the elderly that it’s easy to find and buy. Plus it’s useful, not for fun. Because it helps strengthen the immune system. It can be adapted into many other types of food and can invite all members of the house to work together to create a special menu.

Yogurt is easy to eat and comfortable on the stomach.

Dairy products fortified with probiotics or beneficial microorganisms Helps restore and balance bacteria in the intestines and digestive system for ufabet the better. Because most of the cells that create immunity in the body It is in the gastrointestinal tract up to 70 percent. Any elderly person who frequently experiences bloating? Eating a cup of yogurt a day will help. It also helps stimulate the body’s immune system. Makes the digestive system balanced and strong Better at eliminating pathogenic microorganisms that are harmful to health from the body. And most importantly, yogurt is also rich in calcium, unlike normal milk. Helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 

Citrus fruits are great when eaten and fight colds.

Most fruits are known as nutritious foods. Some types have too much sugar in them. Therefore it is not suitable for the elderly. However, special exceptions must be made for citrus fruits. Because in addition to eating, it’s refreshing. Also rich in vitamin C that has antioxidant properties Helps build a good immune system When the body receives vitamin C on a daily basis It can help reduce the severity and duration of colds. Including helping to create collagen that is responsible for repairing various parts. of the body to recover faster. For citrus fruits, I would like to recommend guava, which is a fruit that is very high in vitamin C. Eating 1 unpeeled guava will get vitamin C equivalent to 20 oranges, including antioxidants. It serves to protect cells from destruction. Helps prevent age-related wrinkles. It is said to be a fruit that is really suitable for old age people.

Canned tuna is convenient to eat and has many benefits.

Most tuna comes in pre-packaged cans. Easily available at most supermarkets. Which tells you that tuna is a meat that is high in protein. and easier to digest than other types of meat Helps build immune cells and repair the body very well. It also has iron that helps in the creation of red blood cells. Contains potassium that helps lower blood pressure. It also has omega-3. Which is a fatty acid that is good for brain and heart function as well. But for elderly people, you may need to be a little careful when eating canned tuna. Tuna should not be cooked in oil or brine. Because it has both high fat and sodium content. It is best to choose to eat tuna in mineral water. 

Eat almonds, they are full of nutritional value.

Nuts are considered one of the most nutritious legume families. Rich in good fats such as high unsaturated fatty acids Helps reduce cholesterol levels and control blood sugar levels. Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes in the elderly. And can help prevent abnormalities in the nervous system and brain. It is also rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium. Helps fight free radicals in the body and helps prevent osteoporosis as well. But because it is a food that provides high energy Elderly people should not eat more than 1 handful or 24 seeds per day to get proper energy.