7 ways to treat back acne Recommended by a dermatologist

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Taking care of back acne is not difficult. Just pay attention and keep observing yourself. That there is a behavior that triggers acne on the back, less acne should be treated quickly because it is much easier than letting the acne spread a lot. or infectious inflammation Because that can negatively affect the skin, causing redness, acne, black spots, acne scars, acne holes. that are difficult to treat

1. Quickly change clothes after sweating.

Sweating can be a breeding ground for bacteria. when sweating a lot such as after exercise You should take a shower and change your clothes as soon as possible. or any activity that causes a lot of sweating Because the sweat accumulated in the shirt can cause back . Wash your workout clothes after each use. Or even wear loose workout clothes made of cotton or sweat-wicking fabric.

2. Gently cleanse the skin.

You might think that rubbing your back May help come off faster. But rubbing the skin vigorously that disturbs the skin This causes the skin to rub and make the skin more susceptible to inflammation. When you shower, do not scrub your skin harshly. But should gently pat the skin on the back to preserve your skin. and does not cause more inflamed back acne

3. Refrain from using harsh skin care products.

For example, soaps that claim to be antibacterial, astringent, and body scrubs. Because it can make worse, or even a luffa, scrub, and back brush can cause your skin and to become inflamed. It is recommended that you use gentle, fragrance-free skin care products.

4. Oil-free skin care and makeup products

Choose products that do not contain oil (oil-free) or non-comedogenic products, meaning that product does not contain ingredients that can cause clogged pores. Helps prevent skin irritation This part therefore helps to reduce clogging that causes very well.

5. Avoid carrying a backpack

When the skin on the back is severe  It is recommended that you avoid using items that rub against your back as this can irritate your skin and make it easier to hurt your back. such as carrying a backpack Changed to use as a handbag instead, etc.

6. Protect your skin from sunlight.

Sunlight can make acne worse. Because UV rays will darken and deteriorate the skin barrier. If you need to face the sun Always wearing oil-free sunscreen can protect your skin from pollution. and does not make more severe but must clean the back surface well Don’t cause clogging.

7. Go to a clinic Acne on the back with a dermatologist

This will make you feel more at ease. Because it is a problem with on the back To be under the care of a dermatologist, especially the advantage of treating  on the back with a doctor is that you will get the treatment that is the exact cause, on point, with safe procedures and methods of treatment, whether it is taking medication. Medicine, laser treatment That will help acne scars on your back disappear quickly and most importantly, under the care of the medical team, it must be safe for your skin and health. So you don’t have to worry about back acne anymore.

Acne on the back, although it is a hidden area that no one sees, but for those who have back acne problems can build confidence If you want acne on your back to disappear It’s best to treat it when it’s still a mild acne so that it doesn’t get worse. ทางเข้า ufabet