7 ways to exercise at home Get in shape Limited space is not a problem.

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Want to have a firm, beautiful figure! There’s no need to go far. because we can Easy to exercise at home, and limited space is not a problem. Because nowadays there are many types of exercises that do not require a lot of space or equipment. Today, Vogue Beauty would like to please health lovers by bringing 7 easy exercise methods at home for you, whether you are a woman or a man, you can definitely follow along. let’s get started

1. Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop Exercise It is considered an exercise that is suitable for all ages. In addition to not having to use a lot of space. There is no need for additional equipment. Hula hoop exercise helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and the core of the body. Helps to practice body control And another result of hula hoop that many people come out to guarantee that it really works is that it helps reduce belly fat, making the waist smaller. In addition, this part of the skin also looks more firm and firm.

2. Jump rope

If you feel less active Jumping rope will help to refresh you a lot. Exercise by jumping rope helps build strong bones. Helps to practice balance, meditation, and develop the nervous system. Because jumping rope, you need to control your eyes, arms, wrists, and feet in relation to each other. In addition, jumping rope also helps to restore a healthy heart. good blood circulation system and speed up the metabolism as well as other forms of exercise

3. Dance

For anyone who is not good at exercising, whether heavy or light We recommend switching to a sweaty step by dancing. The dancing here is not limited to what song or genre of dance you have to dance. As long as the body has been moving energy continuously for 40 – 60 minutes / day, the benefits of dancing are not just entertainment alone. but also contributes to the movement of the body flexible muscles and help balance the body

4. Cardio by YouTube

Anyone who wants to exercise without equipment or doesn’t know how to start cardio. We recommend you to go to YouTube. There are many cardio tutorials. These cardio exercises focus on burning fat through a continuous movement method. A single cardio session typically lasts an average of 1 minute, followed by a 10-second break, followed by 1 minute of each exercise. 

5. Yoga

Yoga helps to stretch various lines. Follows the body very well. Helps to meditate, relieve stress. increase muscle flexibility On the surface, exercising with yoga may seem sluggish. But instead, it consumes a lot of internal energy. causes the body to burn compact It also helps to improve your personality.

6. Magic

Weight training is an exercise that focuses on building strong muscles, bones and joints. help burn calories maintain body strength The magic play here doesn’t have to be played seriously or played until the muscles are burly. but to strengthen the muscles Look at the firm, compact, beautiful enough.

7. Do housework

Just moving means exercising, so getting up to do your chores more often is an exercise. Whether it’s sweeping, mopping the floor, washing the dishes, or ironing clothes, all of these activities require energy. plus the fact that we move our bodies often It also contributes to the firm shape of the firmware. muscles It is also strong and flexible.

How are you with all 7 exercise ideas that we bring together today? Staying at home or in a condo is not an obstacle to getting in shape at all. If you want to lose weight and firm up urgently It is also recommended to exercise along with diet. Guarantee that you will see results quickly.

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