7 fruits that are delicious to getting fat Suitable for weight control

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weight control Whether it’s difficult, it’s difficult. Whether it’s easy, it’s easy. Because the most effective way to control weight is dieting. Just choose to eat clean food that is useful, contains fiber, contains a lot of vitamins. And avoid eating foods such as starch, sodium and sugar, just like this can help control weight, but!! Reality may not be that simple. 

Many people often choose to control their diet by eating fruit instead of snacks or choosing to eat fruit instead of dinner because they think that eating fruit must definitely be thinner than rice. In spite of the fact that some fruits contain very high amounts of sugar and calories. This is another reason why eating fruit to lose weight doesn’t work. Plus, some people gain weight as well. Today, Vogue Beauty would like to please health lovers and people who are controlling their weight with 7 low-sugar, low-calorie fruits that can be enjoyed during weight control. Definitely don’t worry about obesity.

1. Dragon fruit

easy-to-eat fruit It has a good sweet taste, low calories, helps to quench the heat, relieves thirst, stimulates excretion. Contains antioxidants that help slow down aging and fight cancer Helps maintain bones and teeth Including helping to prevent and alleviate diseases related to the blood system such as blood pressure, anemia

2. Green Apple

Known for its high fiber and vitamin C content. Making green apples help enhance the performance of the digestive system, nourish the skin, slow down aging, and also help relieve scurvy and help reduce blood sugar levels as well.

3. Watermelon

The flesh of the melon fruit is rich in water. When eaten, it will feel refreshed, quench your thirst, help flush out toxins in your body, feel full and feel comfortable, and help drive urination. It also helps to nourish the skin, nourish the eyes and help reduce blood pressure.

4. Orange

high in vitamin C thus helping to nourish the skin to be bright and radiant Helps to slow down aging and slow down the appearance of wrinkles Helps to strengthen immunity and stimulate excretion. In addition, the smell and water in the pulp of orange fruit also helps to increase freshness and relieve stress as well.

5. Guava

Fruits that are full of stomach, delicious taste, rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. Contributes to nourishing the skin to be radiant, anti-aging, enhancing the function of the excretory system. Enhance immunity to the body. prevent flu Relieve the symptoms of scurvy. and helps reduce fat in the blood

6. Berries

Fruit family that is rich in vitamins and high fiber, low calories, easy to digest and also helps stimulate the excretion. It also helps to nourish eyesight. Nurture the nervous system and memory Help slow down aging and nourish skin.

7. Red Apple

A fruit with a sweet and slightly sour taste. Eat and feel fresh. Contributes to the maintenance of bones and teeth relieve inflammation Prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. Helps to enhance memory and contribute to the digestive system to work better.

Although it’s an interesting way to eat fruit instead of meals and snacks during your diet, But if eating too many consecutively, it may cause the accumulation of certain substances or become that we eat things. That’s too much. In addition, the body still needs nutrients from the 5 groups, abstaining from excess flour and sugar. including fasting for a long time May result in the body not getting enough energy until exhaustion. Lack of nutrients that are essential to the body. and the yo-yo effect can follow. โปรโมชั่น ufabet